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About us


Research at the Department is in the main concerned with the human motion system, how it is controlled and the effects of environmental and movement stresses in normal as well as pathological circumstances. It includes study of purposeful movements, such as in work, sport or exercise, and of adapted movements due to a handicap, injury or similar conditions. The preferred approach is from the positions of kinesiology and bioengineering. Laboratory support consists of Biomechanics Laboratory at the Biomedical Centre, Preparation Service of the Department, Laboratory of Microbiomechanics and Microkinesiology and the Laboratory of Biomechanics of Extreme Loads and Applied Ergonomics.


The Department provides teaching in basic courses for all forms of study at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS) of Charles University (UK), Prague. The Department also contributes to teaching of specialists in bioengineering, who study at the Prague University of Technology (CTU). The Department is Charles University teaching centre for study of biomechanics at postgraduate and doctorate levels.

In terms of teaching the Department is formally divided into 2 sections: one for Anatomy and second for Biomechanics.

Head of the Department is Doc. PaedDr. Karel Jelen.

Department A+B is in the building in Veleslavín (view map).


Secretary: Mrs. Štajnrtová
Department of Anatomy a Biomechanics
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University in Prague
José Mártího 31
162 52 Prague 6 - Veleslavín

Tel: 0042 220 560 225
Fax: 0042 220 172 196
e-mail: stajnrtova@ftvs.cuni.cz

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