Science and Research Grants
Grants: Work in Progress

Applications of tissue biofluidicity in innovation of biomaterials (GAR - main recipient T AVR). Basic research on:
  • Biomechanics of spine with clinical and ergonomic applications
  • Accentuation of cerebrospinal fluid and its relationship with haemodynamics, respiratory dynamics and intersegmental movement
  • Targeted output into clinical and physiotherapeutic applications with the outlook for biomaterial nanotechnology applications
Materials with form memory for blood vessels substitutions (GAR - main recipient T AVR). Basic research on:
  • Questions of biocompatibility
  • Analysis of laboratory samples
Biomaterials and contact boundary - detection and analysis of deforming situations (GAR - main recipient FSI VUT). Basic research on:
  • Development of methods for measuring non-electric parameters characteristic of human motion and for contact stress-force transfer
  • Testing of methods developed by VUT for sport and physiotherapeutic applications
Formation of neuro-information bases and extraction of relevant findings (MMT - main recipient FD VUT). Basic research on:
  • Collection and elaboration of information on resolution of problems with reliability of man-machine communication
  • The consequences of cranial trauma and pain (??) on the reliability of man-machine tandem (analysis of selected examples)
  • Ergonomic and regime interference
Department holds regular scientific workshops for a wider academic community, with keynote lectures given by international and local experts.

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