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Mass of body segment

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The masses of body segments can be count if you know the total height ant weight of a person. One of frequently used methods was described by Zatsiorskji and Selujanov (1979), who determined the parameters B0, B1 a B2 for each body segment.

The equation for body mass is following

where m (kg) is total mass of a person  and  v (in cm!) is height of a person..

The parameters B0 , B1 a B2 see table.

More precise  morphological data for  pelvic floor, shoulder and arm see here


Centre of gravity (c.g.) of body segments (Obr. B-Ot-2-2) was determined experimentally.

Hand (manus) 39:61 %, forearm 43:57 %, upperarm 44:56 %, head+neck 50:50 %, trunk 42:58% (from shoulder), thigh 43:57%, shank 41:59 %, foot 40:60 % of total lenght of each segment ( from  proximal end).


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